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Workshop #3
18-21 november 2021

16 artist in Sign Language Poetry and Visual Vernacular from all over the world was invited to take part of a four day long workshop at Riksteatern in Hallunda outside of Stockholm. In the evening of the third day a show was arranged as a presentation of what the artists had been workning on. The show was sold out and a success.





Pressmeddelande från Riksteatern (Swedish) 

Kulturnyheter (Swedish sign language, Swedish) 

Dövas tidning (Swedish sign language, Swedish)

Nyhetstecken (Swedish sign language, Swedish)

Daily Moth (American Sign Language, English) 

Tellerreport (English)


Webinar #2
12 juni 2021

The second webinar was lead by the same trio as the first one, but this time the Vicual Vernacual artists Nicola Della Maggiora, Simon Attia and Julia Pelhate and the poets Peter Cook, Rosaria Giuranna and Fernanda de Araujo Machado joined in.




Webinar #1
6 february 2021

The first event of Sign Language Arts was a webinar moderated by the actress Mette Marqvardsen with the poet Debbie Z. Rennie and the Visual Vernacual artist Giuseppe Giuranna.




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