Sign Language Arts Night

Welcome to Sign Language Arts Night!

On 20 November 2021 at Riksteatern in Hallunda, Sweden, the VV and poetry artists from Sign Language Arts Workshop will do a performance as a result of their work. Come and enjoy a night with sign language arts!


19.00 — Opens
19.30 — Show
20.30 — Break / Mingle
21.00 — Show
22.00 — Mingle
23.00 — Closes




Alcoholic beverage is available upon payment. Credit/debit card or cash is acceptable.


The performers

Marita S Barber · Finland

Passionate about artistic work. She is the first qualified deaf actor in Finland. She graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington in 1996. In 2005, she applied for government support for a sign language theatre service. The theatre, which was part of the Finnish Association of the Deaf, became an independent professional theatre in 2015.

Barber worked as the secretary and producer of the Theatre of the Deaf with the Finnish Association of the Deaf for about 20 years before she was appointed as the director of Teatteri Totti. Barber also works as a director and actor and has taught performing arts in various countries in Africa and South America, for example. She has been involved in many plays and in the operations of a touring professional theatre in the United States. She is currently involved as an actor in Noises Off. The play will be performed in Norway, Sweden, and Finland in the autumn.

Olivier Calcada · France

A written French/Sign Language translator and deaf actor.

Trained at the Jean-Jaurés Toulouse University, he is part of the first promotion of this young profession. He worked for 10 years in the Websourd company and translated daily for a wide variety of fields: scientific, political, cultural, institutional, informative, etc. Continuing his professional development, he gradually learned the profession of journalist and presenter, by hosting a daily news programme during the Football World Cup in 2015 and the Clin d’Oeil festival during several editions.

In 2010, his vocation for theatre was born.  Olivier joined the theatre workshops led by Alexandre Bernhardt and Martin Cros at the Grand Rond theatre in Toulouse for three years.Afterwards, he started to integrate several companies: International Visual Theatre (Paris), Act’s (Toulouse), XouY (Paris), La débordante (Paris), ON/OFF (Lyon), Danses de Signes (Toulouse) …

For the last 3 years, I have been giving courses on VV at the University of Toulouse for future actors under the responsibility of the Etude Théâtre Université (ETU) (Toulouse).

Erwan Cifra · France

Born in Nancy, grew up entirely in the world of LSF (French Sign Language), thanks to bilingual education of LSF and written in French. Since his childhood, the universe of the visual in multimedia was his passion such as films, comics, 3D animations, video games, manga. In 2000, he became a teacher for French Sign language (LSF) for hearing people. During that time, he enrolled in several courses, for example audio-visual, video editor, web design, web animation and has a BTS technician diploma, level III in Multimedia & Graphic Design.

A vast experience allows him to connect all cultures of the deaf language and video animations. This mixture of cultures allows him to develop his work as a Visual Vernacular. Since 2015, he worked with a great deaf French actor Simon Attia in teaching the personal and professional development of future tutors as well as in teaching and presenting VV. Heir to Simon’s art which he adapts to his own personality, he creates his own VV which he wishes to transmit to future artists which is already developed and operates in Europe and internationally.

In November 2019, the play called “2080: who killed sign language?” was presented for the first time and won 2 awards for the best screenplay and best actor at the International Festival of Theatre Arts « Territory of Gesture » organized by Mimic and Gestural Theatre in Moscow.

Corinna Den Dekker · Canada

Corinna den Dekker is a Dutch Canadian, an actor, and a versatile performer. She is known for her role as Ava in The Black Drum, the signed musical theatre, and co-produced by the Deaf Culture Centre with Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto, Canada.

She has a passion for sign language and communication since childhood. She received numerous communication awards. In time, she grew a strong passion for theatre. She dives deep and explores her curiosity into sign language and performance arts such as acting, dancing, signed music, poetry, and visual vernacular.

Corinna pursued her performance studies in the Theatre Arts Program in London, Canada and graduated in 2016. Aside from acting, she studied Disability Studies and Women’s Studies and earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2020. She brings knowledge of social issues and into her performing arts work.

Quentin Green · USA

He comes from United States of America and his first language is visual gestures without ASL at first. When he was 5 years old and adopted by parent who are ASL users and begin to journey into deaf culture. In 2015, when he first learns about Visual Vernacular, and it was his first ignited to begin his journey as VV performer. Until today, he loves to be part of deaf community’s art culture as much as ASL poetry, storyteller, VV performer, and actor.

Gustavo Gusmão · Brazil

A deaf surfer, vernacular visual poet, and actor of the series Crisalida on Netflix. Gustavo work with customer experience at Libras. Also work as video editor at MKT Digital, interpreter consultant and signal translator, teacher of vernacular visual. He loves traveling to see the world and participating in arts group

Juli af Klintberg · Sweden

Since she was a child, her days were filled with creativity that later grew stronger through meetings with both deaf and hearing Swedish and international cultural workers, which resulted in a broad competence in sign language that in turn creates beautiful sign language art. She have behaved a lot with sign language poetry, in Europe and lately it has faltered, but it is always there glowing. Now she want to burn!

Edyta Kozub · Poland

Born in Poland and deaf from birth. Edyta are passionate about sign language and a teacher for many years involved in spreading out knowledge about the Culture of the Deaf. She have taught both deaf and hearing people. For several years, she was standing as a Polish artist, Visual Vernacular. In 2015 she participated in the workshop VV, taught by Simon Attia and Erwan Cifra. From the first contact with VV she fell in love with this one a special technique of artistic expression. She speak of this way about VV: ”To be honest, we missed that in Poland. A real pleasure makes me watch storytelling using gestures, as it feels like transforming into the movie as if it were for real.”

From 2017 she have performed VV in different cities, most often in Poland. Recently, she was tutoring a VV workshop.

Lorenzo Laudo · Italy

Lorenzo are currently president of the Theatre Company ”Laboratorio Zero” in Rome (created since 1977 and are one of the first theatre companies for the deaf in Italy). He is a lover of deaf art (VV, poetry, shows) and are also an LGBT activist.

Ace Mahbaz · Germany

An actor and writer from Tehran, currently residing in London and Berlin. In his career as an actor, writer and director he has worked for a number of sign language theatres in various countries, where he became fluent in 6 sign languages. Throughout his career he also has been doing solo shows including stand ups, monologues, as well as producing, directing docuseries for a German Channel BR (Munich) and directing/consulting the physical, sign language and Visual Vernacular aspects for over 10 productions in both videos and on stages focusing on both Deaf and hearing audiences.

Zoë McWhinney · United Kingdom

Zoë McWhinney is Visual Vernacular poet, performer and creative consultant on stage and screen, occasionally facilitating VV workshops world over.Early in her VV career, she competed in several national and international VV championships (Deaffest 2014, BDAY 2016, Pedius 2017 and EDYC 2018) and is a 2020 graduate of Ecole Theatrale Universelle in Toulouse.

Cristiano Montiero · Brazil

Is an artist of Visual Vernacular, Actor, Poet, Consultant and Professor of Deaf Literature, SingWriting and Libras of the Course of Letters / Libras of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), coordinator of a research project on productions and literary in Sign Language, developed by UFPE, as well as the cultural and literary festival in Libras (FCLLI) @festival_clli.

He is director of the soiree in Pounds Slam of the @slamdasmaos. Lab theatre director. Students in Letters /Libras at UFPE. He is a poet and realist workshops (Workshops and Lectures) in several states.

Amina & Jamila Ouahid · Sweden

30 years old, identical twins and raised in Stockholm who also come from fat Moroccan roots!

While being identical twins, we are also very different, here you get an example (of many); Jamila who would rather spend her hours in sorority life while Amina prefers to spend her hours boxing/training MMA.

But their greatest common interest is CULTURE! Where they love being creative, visual, experimenting with the body, language, and face.

They are each other’s YIN YANG – it becomes colourful and magical when the two of them intertwine = a show you do not want to miss!

Justin Perez · USA

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA. He is the 5th Deaf generation, and his 10 years old son is the 6th. He has always been fascinated by American Sign Language (ASL) performance art and storytelling styles. Throughout his teenage years, he had incredibly deep bonds with several of his close friends who also enjoy sharing a variety of ASL stories, and that was where he defined numerous storytelling techniques along with sign language expressions. The more he shared his stories with the public; the more people have asked him to continue sharing his stories.

That was the fuel to his creativity and innovative persona in pushing new ASL performance boundaries and art. He quickly realized this type of work is something he is passionate about, particularly the field of ASL. Justin started receiving offers and opportunities all over the world, including being a Visual Vernacular (VV) teacher at Texas School for the Deaf, the narrator for DeafVerse, ASL tutor at National Technical Institute of the Deaf, ASL model and expert with TRUE+WAY ASL curriculum, and many more.  In 2017, he won the ASL Elements national ASL competition with his fan favourite, a Super Mario Kart story. He aims to bring his new performance art to the ASL World. Overall, Visual Vernacular is his specialty and favourite performance style! Justin has been doing Visual Vernacular workshop/performance for 4 years.

Goerge-Christian Vasquez · USA

His parents arrived in America from El Salvador. Thanks to his parents’ bravery to make this transformative decision that changed his life forever. George-Christian was born in Los Angeles, CA during the time with the infamous LA riot that was caused by the death of Rodney King. That spurred a move to Seattle, WA then moved to BC, Canada.

He graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington DC with a BA degree in American Sign Language (ASL) and record of accomplishment in winning ASL storytelling competitions and reputation as an up-and-coming professional ASL storyteller and performer in the Deaf community at different events including DeafNation, ASLTA, and Deaf Entrepreneurship Network, DeafThrive, ASL Element Competition Gallaudet University, and more. He is a translator, ambassador, editor, actor, writer, ASL instructor, guidance counsellor for youth, and aiding mentor.

He is also a founder of ASL Cart, LLC, and it is an acclaimed ABC Luck! Card game. It is a card that promotes storytelling during playing.

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