Sign Language Arts Webinar #5

Welcome to join us on 15 October 2022 at 17:00-19:00 (CET)
with Debbie Z. Rennie and Giuseppe Giuranna!

Debbie Z. Rennie and Giuseppe Giuranna will continue the discussion about the differences and similarities between poetry and Visual Vernacular (VV) with people that was panellist from previous webinar or participants in our workshops.

The Webinar 15 October 2022 will have more focus on poetry. Hosted by Debbie Z Rennie and Giuseppe Giuranna with:

Peter Cook — United States of America
Simon Attia — France
Zöe McWhinney — United Kingdom
Lorenzo Laudo — Italy
Marita S. Barber — Finland
Juli af Klintberg — Sweden

As an attendee you will get the opportunity to contribute to the forum. It’s FREE and everyone in the whole world is welcome to join. The Webinar is held in International Signs. Maximum 500 can register – don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Registration to Webinar here!

Don’t miss Sign Language Arts Night on 26 November 2022