Sign Language Arts

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Sign Language Arts is a unique meetingplace where Deaf Sign Language artists get to meet, grow as stage artists and together develop Sign Language as a stage language. Deaf Sign Language artists are given the opportunity to exchange experiences around Sign Language poetry, Visual Vernacular and other art forms in Sign Languae. At Sign Language Arts, both linguistic and artistic perspectives are discussed and Deaf Sign Language artists get to analyze their own and each other’s stage language and get the chance to grow as a stage artists.

Sign Language Arts offers an opportunity to explore and discuss different genres in Sign Language art and Sign Language as stage language. What similarities is there between Sign Language poetry, Visual Vernacular and other art forms in Sign Language? What differences are there? That is what the participants of Sign Language Arts explore. Another part of Sign Language Arts is to share Deaf culture and the end results with the audience so that more people can take part of the uniqueness of Sign Language Arts.

Riksteatern Crea works for performing arts in Sign Language and with the intention of participating in developing Sign Language art and Sign Language as a stage language. As a part of this Riksteatern Crea has launched Sign Language Arts.

During the year of 2021, 6 online workshops were held, as webinars. One workshop was held at Riksteatern in November 2021 with Sign Language artists from around the world attending. A total of 16 artists, with expertise and experience in the artistic genres of Sign Language such as Sign Language poetry and Visual Vernacular, participated from a total of 10 countries. The workshop ended with an open performance with an audience.
During the year of 2022, more online workshops and a new Sign Language Arts Night are planned!

The leaders of Sign Language Arts are Debbie Z. Rennie and Giuseppe Giuranna

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We will arrange more workshops in 2022.

(All information about the events of the project will be in International Sign and English)

14 May 2022 – Click here, Digital Zoom Webinar
15 October 2022 – Digital Zoom Webinar. Registration link will be released in short.
26 November 2022 – Sign Language Arts Night – save the date! Artists, programs and tickets will be released in September. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter so you do not miss any information!

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